Photo Credit: Kyeesha Sky Stack

Photo Credit: Kyeesha Sky Stack

Little wave photography is a representation of my work as an individual on a journey into the world of professional photography. The latter is a term I have yet to say (comfortably) out loud, mostly because I feel like a student just following my heart's passion. 

Fond memories of watching my dad take photographs planted the seed for my curiosity of photography; and for as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed the simple 'feeling' of taking a photograph. It wasn't until I began travelling the world as a young adult that my desire to document my surroundings grew exponentially into a need to capture 'the moment'.

In 2006 I found a home away from home in Western Australia. Curious to see what lied beyond Canada, it was love at first swim when I met a tiny desert town set on the spectacular Ningaloo Reef. The rest is history as they say, and what followed was years of friendships, discovery, ocean love and ultimately experiences that would open my mind and change my life.

In 2014, I successfully became a resident of Australia. I could now work as an Underwater Photographer, allowing me to spend most of my time swimming with an array of marine life and further fuelling my passion for photography. 

Today, I am in the midst of growing as a person and a professional. I see my passion extend into photographing human emotion, and here I find a satisfaction never felt before.

I hope you enjoy Little wave's original imagery & continue to follow me on this wild and crazy ride that is life. 

Peace and love,