Hooked on you

Helen & Mal,

I must say, I felt like I struck gold when I met you two for the first time on your wedding day! 

Your kind nature, sense of humour and genuine zest for life was infectious. It is no surprise that your family and friends were just as loveable, or that a local Kangaroo felt compelled to join in on the celebrations!

Deep in the ranges and by the sea shore, you were married.  Circled by those closest to you, this gathering was sprinkled with a magic felt only in the simplest yet most profound moments of our lives. Under changing skies, you spoke your love and honoured a true friendship. 

It is not everyday I meet a couple so in sync, and whose mutual respect for one another shines through so bright.

So thank you for inspiring me to be a greater partner, lover & friend.

I wish you a lifetime of laughter and adventure together.

MJ xo




Love in L.A

These two..

Under big city lights where it all began, to the vast desert of Western Australia; they've been road trippin' and jet setting over oceans to be together.

And now they've just had the biggest year of their lives celebrating world wide. From a cattle station to North Hollywood, this creative couple know how to throw a wedding & a party!

Kira & Dusty, documenting your love has been a great pleasure & privilege. You both rock the camera like no one's business, and this is a testament to your powerhouse partnership.

Congrats, Mazel Tov! 

#clarkeweddingworldtour complete..


A Burlesque Boost

"I've always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be." -Dita Von Teese

Model and Burlesque goddess, Kira Muchnik.

A few months ago, inspired by my first ever attendance to a 'Burlesque' dance class, I decided I wanted to photograph my instructor and friend, Kira. And I'll tell you why..

Watching her, and myself, during the class was a HUGE eye opener. Here was this lovely, sweet woman owning her sexuality and femininity oozing with strength and confidence. And there I was; excited yet shy, stumbling over my shaky feet, nervous to look up and meet my own gaze in the mirror. WHAT?! I'm not comfortable with swaying my hips to the beat or connecting with my own reflection without turning beet red or laughing? Oh oh. I'm 33! To my surprise, after looking around the classroom, age didn't seem to be a factor in whether one was 'owning it' or hiding behind the person in front of them.

Ok, I'm not saying I think we ladies should be smashing out a Burlesque routine without feeling the slightest bit inhibited, but I do believe women of all shapes and sizes should and can let their inner fierceness ramp up without blushing from feeling slightly inappropriate! 

When I watched Kira move she was free. I got the sense she was lost in a world just for her, meant for her. Where outward influences didn't affect the way she moved her body or met her own gaze. 

I photographed Kira on sunrise a few weeks ago; first dancing in front of a mirror perched against a tree, next alone in her studio. I had a feeling that she would slip into the zone, forget about me and look straight through the camera into pure self expression. And she did. 

True beauty is not found or felt within ourselves because of our outward physical appearance. Beauty is an innate light that leads our body to carry itself with easy, with grace, and with purpose. 

p.s. Needless to say, I'm heading back to class next week to shake it up and shake it off. And this time I'm not going to blush!

Stay fabulous,

mj xo